The quick and easy way to manage, edit and optimise your Product Feeds.

1 - Connect to Shoptimised

Connect your existing shopping feed to the Shoptimised platform and load all of your current product data.

2 - Optimise & Improve

Start optimising, editing and improving your product data in our easy and powerful product feed editor.

3 - Upload to Merchant Centers

Upload your new and improved product feed to your Merchant Centers as your primary product feed.

What is Product Feed Optimisation & why is it important for Agencies to offer this as a service?

Shoptimised is the perfect product feed software for leading PPC Agencies who want to control, manage, edit, optimise and create product feeds. No longer will your agency need to request changes be made by your client or their developers. Simply upload the original product feed directly to the Shoptimised platform and you will be able to make any edit or optimisation to multiple products in seconds.

If your clients are eligible to utilise Google Shopping, Bing Shopping or Facebook Product Ads. But, can’t provide a product feed, we can create one for you.

How Shoptimised Works

Our users

Take Full Control Of Product Feeds

One of the biggest challenges for agencies is being able to improve Product Feeds without having any control over them. Shoptimised completely removes that barrier and put’s agencies in full control of product feeds.

Edits & Optimisations

Edit & optimise every element of your product feeds within our intuitive interface.

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Google Product Category
  • Product Type
  • Custom Labels
  • Item Group IDs
  • Promotion IDs
  • And many more!

Building Product Feeds

We can scrape data directly from websites or you can use our feed builder within Shoptimised to create product feeds from scratch.

Feed Rules

Create rules to edit and optimise thousands of products in bulk. Our intelligent rules will then also be applied to any new products that are added. This ensures your feed optimises automatically as time goes on.

Feed Conversion

Easily convert a Google Product feed into a best practise feed for any shopping network, marketplace or affiliate network.

Clones & Split Testing

Split test your products by creating clones and testing different Product Titles, Descriptions, Product Types and much more!

White Label

You can even white label our product feed URLs so they look like

What channels & marketplaces does Shoptimised integrate with?

& many more of the worlds leading channels, market places & affiliate networks. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Agency Benefits
  1. Our platform provides agencies with the ability to create a new source of revenue by offering Feed Optimisation as a standalone service.
  2. Controlling, optimising and creating product feeds provides agencies with the control they need to improve Shopping campaigns in ways that a standalone PPC management service cannot provide.
  3. Agencies who sell our platform benefits within their own pitches are winning more pitches against agencies who cannot offer Product Feed Optimisation.
  4. As Google move AdWords into a more automated state, agencies will have to add more value to their services. Our platform massively increases the value you can provide.
  5. As you can white label our feed URLs, you can also increase client retention.
Client Benefits
  1. Product feed optimisation is proven to increase impressions, clicks and conversions. Ultimately, it unlocks growth in a way PPC campaign management alone, cannot achieve.
  2. Clients are no longer reliant upon development to improve their product feeds, which can often be slow and expensive.
  3. Clients can have point of contact for all things relevant to their product feeds and product campaigns. You!
  4. All of product feeds are built to be best practise XML product feeds. We can convert any type of feed into a better performing product feed.
  5. Shoptimised can unlock other ecommerce channels such as Facebook, Amazon, ebay, Fruugo and all leading affiliate networks.

Our prices

In House

£99 per month

  • Up to 3 Product Feeds
  • Up to 3 AdWords Accounts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Efficiency Audits


£199 per month

  • Up to 10 Product Feeds
  • Up to 10 AdWords Accounts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Efficiency Audits


£349 per month

  • Up to 30 Product Feeds
  • Up to 30 AdWords Accounts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Efficiency Audits


£499 per month

  • Up to 50 Product Feeds
  • Up to 50 AdWords Accounts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Intelligent Dashboards
  • Efficiency Audits

All prices exclude VAT.  Book an online demo of the Shoptimised platform or contact us to find out more information about our custom enterprise plans.

Product Feed Scrapes & creation have an additional annual cost, for more information, click here.

What Else Does Shoptimised Offer?

The Shoptimised platform also boasts one of the world’s most unique automated AdWords audits. Based purely on efficiency, our audits will consider your desired KPIs and shows you exactly what areas of your AdWords account are running efficiently, and which are not. This detailed audit will provide you with the perfect amount of intelligence to improve any AdWords account or to include in your pitch material.

In addition to our powerful Product Feed Optimisation platform we also provide a range of powerful and automated AdWords report.

Monthly & Weekly Summary Report

This unique report is made up of pre-populated templates that you can select or remove. You can brand this report with your logo and choice of colours and then download it into a PDF to share with your clients on a weekly and monthly basis.

Word Count Report

This unique report measures the performance of short, medium and longtail search terms and when combined with the data in the Converting Terms Report, you have the perfect recipe for high converting keyword research.

The Performance Report

This powerful report lets you assign individual KPIs to different campaigns so you can track their performance over a daily, weekly and monthly period so you can drill straight into any problem campaigns.

Past Converting, Now Paused Report

This report makes sure you don’t miss any past converting keywords that have now fallen off the first page of Google due being paused. It’s the perfect report to assist you in navigating the seasonality of your AdWords account.

Converting Terms Report

The perfect report for ensuring you include all your best converting terms into your Product Titles and Product Descriptions.

Below First Page Bid Report

Make sure you’re not losing revenue and conversions when your converting keywords drop below the first page bid of Google with this report.