What is a Google CSS Partner and how does it work?

In the Summer of 2017, the EU Commission found that Google was in breach of fair competition rules about their Google Shopping service.

After a landmark fine, Google was ordered to operate Google Shopping as a separate business.

As a result of this, Google Shopping now has to buy traffic from Google, which they mark up by 20%. Unbeknown to most Google Ad users, since November 2017, Google Shopping has been charging you thousands in fees without you even knowing!

As a Google CSS Partner, we can get you the same Google Shopping traffic from the same Google Search results, but at a reduction of 20%.


"Buying your Shopping Ads traffic directly from Google is the most expensive way to acquire this traffic."


Fact: Advertisers A & D are paying 20% more for the same traffic than Advertisers B & C

Working with a Google CSS Partner guarantees that you can reduce your Google Shopping CPC by up to 20%.

Why is this the case?

In Europe, Google Shopping takes a 20% cut of your Cost per Click costs.

If you bid £0.50, Google Shopping will take £0.10 and use the remaining £0.40 for your Google Ads Shopping CPCs.

When you’re working with Shoptimised, you can choose to lower your bid to £0.40 or have the full £0.50 applied to your auctions.

Reducing your bids by up to 20% will help you to fully realise the savings and maintain the same Shopping Ad position and level of Impressions. Alternatively, you can leave your bids set as they are and your full bid will be used at auction resulting in a better Shopping Ad position and more Impressions.


Pay less for your traffic with Google CSS

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