Instantly audit your Product Feed

We have created the world’s only fully-automated product feed audit which highlights the areas in need of improvement within your Google Shopping Feed. Conducting a regular product feed audit is essential to improve the performance of feeds and shopping campaigns. Our free Product Feed Audit helps agencies and retailers to understand minor and major issues found within product feeds, suggesting ways for improvement. Product Feed Optimisation is the most effective way to enhance your Google Shopping campaign performance.


Product Titles

Product Titles are key components within your Product Feeds. These should include volume search terms as well as unique product attributes for Google to match them to user searches.


Product Types

Product Types can often be overlooked in Product Feeds, however they are important. Google uses Product Types to match search terms and shows your products within the correct filters. Don’t use generic Product Types or just your website navigation, instead be specific.



Failure to include product GTINs within your Product Feeds will result in missing out on thousands of impressions every month. Yes, GTINs are that important!



Brand is the other Product Identifier and should also be part of your Product Titles where relevant.


Product Descriptions

Google scans Product Descriptions to match keywords to search terms. It’s crucial that Product Descriptions contain a detailed, product specific description. While we don’t encourage ‘keyword stuffing’, Product Descriptions are a great opportunity to include all core and converting search terms.


Google Product Categories

All products should be placed in the correct category or subcategory. Avoid selecting a parent category for every product as the most relevant category boosts the chances of your products appearing in the most relevant auctions.



Manufacturer Part Numbers are one of the two required Product Identifiers. We recommend you include them where available.


Item Group IDs

Item Group IDs can increase impressions, clicks and sales for retailers who sell different variants of their products.

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