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The only feed management software that gives you full control over your product feed optimisation. With Shoptimised, you can optimise and edit multiple shopping feeds without changing your website or relying on your developer. Edit and optimise Titles & Descriptions, add Custom Labels to thousands of products in seconds. Create Group IDs and vastly improve the reach and performance of your Google, Bing and Facebook shopping campaigns, easily, quickly and without the need of a developer.

Product Feed Optimisation

Product Feed Optimisation

Find out how the worlds easiest and most powerful product feed optimisation platform can help you.

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

Start Your 14 Day Free Trial

Start your 14 day free trial today. No payment details are required, just add your feed & optimise!

Product Feed Creation

Product Feed Creation

We can create best practise product feeds for every major Search Engine, Affiliate Network & Marketplace.

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What channels & marketplaces does Shoptimised integrate with?

& many more of the worlds leading channels, market places & affiliate networks. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Free Product Feed AuditThe worlds only fully automated & free product feed audit

1 - Simply enter your feed URL, XML, CSV or TXT File.

2 - We will email you a detailed product feed audit.

3 - Start improving your product feeds and increasing sales.

Feed Management Software

Product Feed Optimisation & Feed Management Software are often considered to be both exclusive and expensive. It is our mission to make Feed Optimisation easy and affordable for all retailers and agencies. Having a well optimised feed for Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook Product Ads and many other channels such as Amazon and ebay is essential to every online retailer.

Shoptimised provides our army of users with enterprise level feed management software at an affordable cost that will actually provide a return on investment.

Shoptimised was designed and built by experienced Paid Search & ecommerce experts. It is designed to offer a powerful, yet simple platform that enables our users to make editing, managing and optimising their product feeds simple. What used to take hours and days, now only takes seconds with Shoptimised.

Google Shopping waste, the ugly truth


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The importance of negative keywords

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