Automated Suggestions: The exclusive benefits and features
Jan 11, 2021

Automated Suggestions: The exclusive benefits and features

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Automated Suggestions on the Shoptimised Product Feed Optimisation platform, offering thousands of pre-programmed rules to help us make optimisation suggestions for your business.

Back in 2018, Shoptimised was the first Feed Optimisation software to introduce an automated Feed Audit and now we have taken that even further with the launch of our Automated Suggestions that will boost the digital potential of agencies and retailers.

This is the very first time such service has been created.

What is Automated Suggestions?

The Shoptimised platform will now continuously analyse your Product Feed and suggest improvements and optimisations. We analyse your Product Feed and make suggestions based on the data available to help you optimise the information for each product within your feed.

Suggestions, which are applied as rules, can be reviewed and instantly applied to your Product Feed or you can choose to place your suggestions in the ‘favourite’ folder to apply them later.

Additionally, you can filter your Products to see which ones will be optimised before applying rules. One of the advantageous features of this unheard tool within the Shoptimised product feed software is that you can also undo any applied suggestions quickly and easily.

Never has Feed Optimisation been so easy and straight forward! As you utilise and apply the suggestions made by our system, more suggestions can be offered, thanks to the continued analyses of the data within your Product Feed to help you improve every single product.

What type of suggestions are made?

We suggest different options that aim to optimise the primary field within your product feed such as Product Titles, Descriptions, Product Types, Google Product Categories and more.

The rules also suggest improvements for core Product Attributes such a Brand, Colour, Size and more. Additionally, we provide further suggestions for Item Group IDs, Custom Label suggestions and other unique Shoptimised features.

What are the benefits?

On several occasions and across our knowledge posts, we’ve talked about product feed optimisation and why it’s important in order to boost conversions and sales. The new Automated Suggestions will allow you to further optimise your product feed and enhance the overall potential of your shopping campaigns.

As mentioned, you can ‘Favourite’ automated suggestions and apply them at a later time. The system also offers a ‘Reject’ option: if the automated suggestions we made aren’t relevant to your product feed or your needs at the time, then you’ll have the option to reject them.

Finally tracking. Automated Suggestions allows you to keep an eye on which suggestions have been applied and whether they are relevant to your current needs and campaigns.

Automated Suggestions is not being offered anywhere else or by any other company other than Shoptimised. It is certainly taking the power of feed optimisation to another level and businesses who are currently signed up to Shoptimised are sure to see the results on their business.

Sign up for a free trial of our product feed software and we’ll get you started straight away. If you already have an account with us, simply sign in to start viewing all new suggestions.


£ 119.99

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  • 10 User Logins
  • 3 Optimised Output Feeds
  • Max 100,000 Products per Feed
  • Feed Output Channel: All
  • Also Includes:
  • Product Edits
  • Optimisation Rules
  • Performance Rules
  • Automated Audits
  • Auto Suggestions
  • Premium Google CSS
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