New Product Feed Rules
Jun 29, 2022

New Product Feed Rules

We’re delighted to announce two new rules have arrived in the Shoptimised platform after a succesful beta period.

The rules are only applicable when linking your Google Ads API connection to the Shoptimised platform. Once linked, you can then utilise our Automate Clone Optimisations and Manage Out Poor Performers. 

Automate Clone Optimisations

This rule type utilises data from your Google Shopping Ads performance and combines that with your own product criteria. You simply create actions that lead to optimised product clones, meaning you can fully and automatically test the impact of feed optimisations theories before you carry them out across your entire product feed.

You can create multiple testing scenarios and use Custom Labels to track their performance whilst also splitting these products out into their campaigns with controlled budgets.

Manage Out Poor Performers

One of the biggest challenges with Google Ads management and especially Google Shopping is wasted Ad Spend. This is only becoming harder with more and more automated campaign settings and types such as Performance Max.

Our ‘Manage Out Poor Performers’ rule lets you easily create thresholds based on your Google Shopping Ads performance data within a set period to automatically remove products that are wasting too much of your budget and are not performing.

You can choose to exclude products permanently, for set periods or until certain dates (like pay weekends!).

Once set up, this new rule will help you to massively reduce your wasted Google Shopping budget and increase your overall ROAS. This rule will also save your hours in monthly analysis and excluding products directly within the Google Ads interface.

You can edit or remove these rules at any time and the criteria includes Spend, Revenue, Clicks, Conversions, Impressions, ROI/ROAS, CPA, CPC and CTR.


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  • 3 Optimised Output Feeds
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  • Feed Output Channel: All
  • Also Includes:
  • Product Edits
  • Optimisation Rules
  • Performance Rules
  • Automated Audits
  • Auto Suggestions
  • Premium Google CSS
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