Performance Max Insights & Early-Stage Learnings
Feb 22, 2022

Performance Max Insights & Early-Stage Learnings

We held a webinar to discuss our initial Performance Max results and what we have learned so far about Google’s newest campaign type.

During the webinar, we also clarified some early misconceptions about Performance Max while highlighting the early performance opportunities that this campaign type offers to retailers.

You can re-watch the webinar from the link below; it lasts around 23 minutes. If you don’t have time to watch it, here are our key takeaways.

Key Takeaways

1.     Performance Max does not cannibalise your Search or Brand campaigns if you make use of Exact Match keywords.

2.     You can add your own Audience Signals into a Performance Max campaign. But if you choose not to, your initial campaign reach will be greater.

3.     Performance Max can cannibalise Standard & Smart Shopping Campaigns. Make sure you test carefully and in a controlled environment such as using an additional CSS Merchant Center for Performance Max campaigns only. You can speak to us about setting this up.

4.     If you want Performance Max campaigns to fully focus on Shopping traffic, then do not add Assets to your campaign.

5.     If you add Assets but no videos, Google will create videos automatically by combing your Assets.

6.     If you want complete control over the URL’s your Performance Max Campaign targets, make sure that you insert the Final URL Expansions setting to ‘Only send traffic to the URLs you’ve provided’. If you leave this setting as the default, Google can target any page on your website. Even if your Performance Max campaign is set up to focus on a specific Brand or Category, they can still target alternative URLs.

7.     You can still track and report on Shopping Only traffic within Performance Max campaigns.

8. Give your Performance Max campaigns enough time and budget to utilise in any test.

If you want a 1-1 chat over your e-commerce opportunities with Performance Max campaigns, contact our team today for a free demo.

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