Product Feed Optimisation: Optimising Your Google Shopping Campaign Structure
Jun 21, 2018

Product Feed Optimisation: Optimising Your Google Shopping Campaign Structure

Image Credit: Unsplash @carlheyerdahl

Due to the structure of most Google product feeds, you can usually assume that Google Shopping Campaigns are structured by Google Product Categories, Product Types or Brands. Some digital advertisers then organise Ad Groups by Product ID, by further Google Product Categories or by Product Types.

Unless you split your Ad Groups by Product ID, you will usually see 10, 20, 50 or more products grouped together in one Ad Group. Sometimes they have the same bids and sometimes they have different bids.

Here at Shoptimised, we've conducted a number of tests and gained experience working with hundreds of clients, which has helped us come to the conclusion that the way you structure your campaign is doing to determine how and whether or not it will be a successful one. Using our product feed optimisation platform has helped many retailers learn to structure all campaigns by Brand, Product Category or other ways, by following some easy and straightforward steps that aren't time-consuming.

In this article, we want to look at the benefits of a well-optimised and well-structured campaign. Specifically, we'd like to focus on how you should group your campaigns in order for them to be successful.

Let’s assume we have a Campaign that is structured by Brand; within this campaign, we have 1 Ad Group with 20 products. Just because 2 or more products are from the same brand, this doesn't necessarily mean that they should have the same price or margin.

So, as a result, how do you decide on bids? Some of the most successful Google Shopping campaigns we have seen to date have always been when products are grouped together by price & margin. This helps to massively improve the bidding strategy and fully optimise every product for the most profitable return.

If the ultimate goal is to make the most profitable return on your Google Shopping campaigns, then how is the above example going to help you get there? Your Googe Shopping campaigns can become profitable when you have well-optimised product feeds, following structure guidance and Google's shopping policies.

Many advertisers get stuck in the first process, the optimisation. This can occur when trying to do this autonomously, however, with our experience and the feedback for the numerous clients we've worked with, we can say that investing in product feed optimisation software is the first step towards the best-structured campaigns and well-performing campaigns.

When it comes to Product Feed Optimisation, there is more to it than just optimising Product Titles and Product Descriptions. Product Feed Optimisation gives you total control on your product feeds, when you're given full control on your product feeds, you can then focus on optimising them to the best quality.

The quality of your Product Feed has a major impact on your Shopping campaigns performance and it’s responsible for every search term that your Shopping Ads appear for. Additionally, a product feed optmisation platform reduces the time spent on each campaign; you won't need to wait for help from Developers or third parties.

As we said, a successful Google Shopping campaign that has its products structured by price and margin is likely to be more successful, with a bidding strategy that is easier to control thanks to a product feed optimisation software. With our experience, we've seen many PPC Managers with very little control over their product feed try to manage their shopping campaigns without a clearly defined structure.

With shoptimised, structuring campaigns and product feed optmisation has never been this easy. Find out more with a demo or sign up to Shoptimised for a free trial!


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