Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns Upgrade to Performance Max
Feb 2, 2022

Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns Upgrade to Performance Max

Google has announced that very soon Smart Shopping and Local campaign will be upgraded to Performance Max.

Performance Max utilises Google’s automation to help advertisers reach online users on a multitude of channels. It builds on Smart Shopping and Local campaigns and ads on brand-new inventory and automation insights.

Starting in April 2022, advertisers will be able to start upgrading your Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max.

Google have set the below timeline for the upgrade process from Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max. This timeline is subject to change

January: Create new campaigns with Performance Max

You can carry on with your existing Smart Shopping and Local campaigns until you’ve upgraded them to Performance Max but for any new campaigns you create, you should start using Performance max. This will enable you to directly access new ads inventory and formats currently only available on Performance Max.

April – June: Upgrade with the 'one-click' tool

In April, Google will introduce a new “one- click” tool that will enable advertisers to upgrade Smart Shopping campaigns and then starting in June you’ll be able to upgrade your Local campaigns with the tool. In both cases, you’ll have the flexibility to upgrade all your campaigns at once or selected campaigns only.

July – September: Upgrade automatically

Starting in July and through to September, Smart Shopping campaigns will be automatically upgraded to Performance Max campaign while Local campaigns will be upgraded between August and September.

If you need more information about the upgrade and how it’ll affect your Shopping campaigns, contact our team here.

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