The Latest Google Shopping Features You Should Know About
May 24, 2021

The Latest Google Shopping Features You Should Know About

Google is constantly innovating and improving shopping, introducing new technologies and features that aim to support discoverability for all merchants and sellers on Google while helping consumers to discover, learn about and shop their favourite products.

With the latest technologies, Google wants to help retailers and businesses get discovered and become visible online, focusing primarily on offering more product options to people when looking to buy.

This article wants to look at 3 advanced features that will help Google achieve just that, supporting both sellers and consumers on Google Shopping.


1.    The Google Shopping Graph

Each day, people shop online across Google over a billion times. Based on these numbers, Google finds the need for a technology that can make these shopping sessions more effective by connecting people with over 24 billion listings from millions of merchants across the web. Google’s Shopping Graph does exactly this. As Google themselves put it, “The Shopping Graph is a dynamic, AI-enhanced model that understands a constantly-changing set of products, sellers, brands, reviews and most importantly, the product information and inventory data we receive from brands and retailers directly — as well as how those attributes relate to one another”.

The Shopping Graph works in real-time, allowing shoppers to discover products that are available at the exact moment they start searching to buy.

Image Credit: Blog.Google

2.    Google Shopping Lens

Shopping Lens guides shoppers throughout the entire shopping experience, from browsing and discovery to purchase.

We’ve all seen something online that we like, then decided to grab a screenshot of it, which then ends up in our gallery before we decide whether to take action and buy the product.

With Google’s Shopping Lens, when a user opens a screenshot in Google Photos, Google will immediately suggest searching the screenshot with Google Lens, allowing the user to see search results to identify the same or a similar product to the one identified in the image.

Image Credit: Blog.Google

3.    Shopping Cart Reminder

Google introduces a new feature in Chrome that works locally on users’ devices and lets a user see their open carts when they open a new tab.

Google’s efforts to eliminate barriers such as fees for merchants and improve their technology have generated a 70% increase in the size of the Google product catalogue and an 80% increase in merchants.


Image Credit: Blog.Google

Thanks to Search, Shopping, Image Search and YouTube, people can research, discover and buy said products across Google. The announcement of the above technologies represents more ways for merchants to become more visible and people to discover products of their taste every day.

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