Price Comparison Software

Our price comparison software enables our users to compare prices for millions of products every day, enabling them to add powerful commercial rules to their product feeds that greatly increase profits.

Shoptimised is the leading and most cost-effective solution to help you keep track of your competitors’ prices and promotions online.

Monitor Prices

You tell us which products you want to compare using our easy interface. We then utilise the GTIN data from your product feeds to compare your products against your competitors every day from within Google Shopping results and Amazon to deliver this to you in an intuitive interface.

Create Price Rules

Utilise our price comparison data to apply rules directly to your product feeds. Set Custom Labels to your most competitive products and your most expensive products so you can assign an intelligent bidding structure to your campaigns that super boosts your Return on Investment.

Export your Data

You can export all of your product data into a CSV so you can create your own pivot tables and share data within your company to all of the relevant teams. This enables you to deep dive into your price comparison data and discover trends and unlock new areas of trade.

Why is Price Comparison Software Important?

In a study delivered at the SMX (Search Marketing Expo) it was proven what impact pricing has on your Google Shopping campaigns.

A 5% increase in price can result in 60% decrease in clicks. Google give preference to cheaper products within their Shopping results and the average Cost per Clicks of more expensive are on average 15% higher. To view all of the results of this study and find out why pricing has a major impact on your Google Shopping campaigns, click here to download the presentation.

Crowd Shopper

Why not compare your Google Shopping with our leading price comparison marketplace, Crowd Shopper. We crawl and index over 50 million online products in the UK. We then compare your products GTINs against to provide you with a product feed of your cheapest products. You can then use this product feed to ensure you’re only advertising your most competitive products in Google Shopping. Our Crowd Shopper users enjoy an average ROI uplift of 37%. We can also provide price comparison product feeds for Bing, Facebook, AWIN, Rakuten, Webgains, Pinterest, Criteo and AdRoll. Crowd Shopper is a standalone service from the Shoptimised subscription and costs £195 per month. For more information about Crowd Shopper and it’s unique price comparison product feeds, click here.

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