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Conducting a regular product feed audit is essential to improving the performance of your feed and shopping campaigns. Our free Product Feed Audit helps agencies and retailers to understand what is wrong with your product feeds and how to improve them. Product Feed Optimisation is one of the most important ways you have at your disposal when improving the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns.

Product Titles

Product Titles are one of the most important areas of your Product Feed. Google match user search terms to the words within your product titles so it’s important to make sure your titles or both relevant and contain volume search terms. However, you also need to make sure that you use your product attributes without adding too many or too few characters. It’s also important to make sure all your product titles are unique which can be tough if you have a big product catalogue.

Product Descriptions

Google also scan your Product Descriptions to match keywords to search terms. It’s vitally important that your Product Descriptions contain a high quantity, product specific description. Whilst we don’t encourage ‘keyword stuffing’, Product Descriptions do provide the perfect opportunity to make sure you include all your core and converting search terms.

Google Product Categories

Are your products in the right category or an old category? Or have you simply selected a parent category for every product? Making sure your products appear in the correct category ensure they are being found in the correct auctions at the right time!

Product Types

One of the most overlooked areas in product feeds. Google use Product Types to match search terms and show your products within the correct filters. It’s important to ensure you’re not just passing generic Product Types or simply using your own website navigation.


If your products have GTINs but you do not include them within your Product Feeds, then you’re going to miss out on thousands of impressions every month. Yes, GTINs are that important!


Whilst not as important as GTINs, you should still include your Manufacturer Part Numbers if you have them as MPN’s are one of the two required Product Identifiers.


Brand is also one of the two product identifiers and should also be part of your Product Titles where relevant.

Item Group IDs

Whilst not always relevant for retailers who only sell parent products. Item Group IDs can increase impressions, clicks and sales for those retailers who sell many different variants of their products.


Product Feed Audit

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