5 Google Product Feed Best Practises

1 – Don’t keyword stuff or over optimise product titles using search queries that do not match your product.

Whilst it is important to make sure you have a well optimised product title, you have a finite space and need to make sure you have your product attributes correctly displayed. You also need to consider the order of your product titles. Just like SEO, the most important keywords should be at the beginning.

Wrong: Black Size 9 Mens Adidas Adipure 360.3 Trainers

Right: Adidas Adipure 360.3 Mens Trainers, Size 9 in Black

2 – Don’t include promotional text in your product types.

In addition to Product Titles & Descriptions, Google uses your Product Types to better categorise and filter your products as well match user search terms to the correct products. Google doesn’t have  a ‘Sale’ filter in Google Shopping and rarely will they match promotional text to search queries.

3 – Don’t use the same product title for multiple items in your feed.

Make sure product variants include unique attributes within the product title such as size, colour, material, pattern etc

Most retailers have multiple variants of their products, split by size, colour etc, but serving them all into your Product Feed with the exact same product title could ultimately lead to a lower Click through Rate and a lower conversion rate.

For instance, if somebody searches for ‘Adidas Adipure 360.3 Size 9’ and you have 20 products that all share the product title Adidas Adipure 360.3 Trainers, will Google serve the size 9 option? Probably not.

4 – Don’t use images with promotional messages or logos.

Google want the best quality image to be provided so it can be reflected within their search results. They will serve a product with a clear, high resolution image over a product with an image that might contain a watermarked logo.

5 – Don’t use one colour in your feed and a different colour on your landing page, keep them the same.

Ideally, you will describe your products using a standard set of colours, such as red, blue, yellow etc. This makes it easier for Google to categorise and filter your data. However, a lot of retailers like to be more descriptive with colours. So rather than state a dress is yellow, it might be described as sunrise yellow. That isn’t colour, but it is trying harder to sell a product by trying to connect more emotion to the colour.

If you describe your product as sunrise yellow on your landing page, then make sure that is how you describe it in product feed.

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