Google Shopping: Optimising for niche vs volume

Would you prefer to optimise your product feed for high quality traffic or high-volume traffic?

As you’ll already be aware, Product Titles are a major factor in how your matched and served against user search terms.

Google place a higher emphasis on the words at the beginning of your product titles, it’s kind of like old school SEO.

This is an important factor in how we decide whether we optimise for High Quality or High-Volume traffic.

So, let’s look at 2 examples, ladies jeans and TVs.

Let’s start with ladie’s jeans.

Firstly, we need to decide whether we are going to say womens or ladies. Google understand the difference and they will serve you for both. But, for me, I’m going to pick womens as we know due to utilising the Google Keyword Planner that there is more volume associated with search terms containing women than ladies.

The pair of jeans we want to advertise are high wasted skinny womens jeans. Now that explanation of the product is almost a good product title right there. But, let’s layout some further options first.

  • Womens Jeans, High Wasted & Skinny Fit
  • High Wasted Skinny Womens Jeans
  • Levi High Wasted Skinny Womens Jeans
  • Levi Black High Wasted Skinny Womens Jeans in Size 4L

I’m sure you can see what we’re doing here. We’re taking attributes of the product to make a much more relevant product title as opposed to a more generic product title. This will provide you with more high quality and relevant traffic and help to reduce any wasted Google Shopping investment.

So, let’s look at TV’s. There are several important attributes when it comes selecting your TV.

  • Size – 30inch, 40inch, 50inch
  • Technology – LED, Plasma
  • Resolution – 4K, 1080p, HD, HD Ready
  • Brand – Samsung, Sony, Sharp
  • Brand Style – Sony Bravia
  • Colour – Black, White, Grey
  • TV Style – Thin, Curved
  • 40” Sony Bravia TV
  • 40” Sony Bravia 4K TV
  • 40” Sony Bravia 4K LED TV
  • 40” Sony Bravia 4K LED Curved TV
  • 40” Sony Bravia 4K LED Curved TV in Black


The more descriptive you become within your Product Titles, the better-quality traffic you’ll generate which will result in a stronger conversion rate.

Product titles are incredibly important, but they’re not the only factor you need to consider when working to improve your product feeds.

Make sure your descriptions are full of the relevant keywords you want to appear for and they contain all the right product attributes as well.

Finally, if it is qualitative over quantative, then utilise your Product Types further. Option B below will drive much more qualitive traffic.

  • Option A – TV > Make > Technology
  • Option B – TV > Make > Model > Size > Technology > GTIN

Google will be able to use your Product Types to filter your products a lot better into search queries and their Google Shopping filters. This puts you in front of the right potential customers a lot more often.

Of course, we’re also not ruling out the idea of optimising for volume, especially if you have a great product that is competitively priced. This is where running two feeds containing the same products (with different Product IDs) can be very useful. Optimise one feed for quantity and one feed for quality. You can then control your budgets for each feed within AdWords.

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