The impact of campaign structure on product visibility

The importance of your Google Shopping campaign structures cannot be underestimated. Structure plays a huge part on both performance and growth and getting the right structure in place will allow your Shopping campaigns to really flourish.

Your campaign structure has a huge impact on your product visibility and whether they will all be shown with Google Shopping results. To understand the impact of structure against budget, we analysed 100 accounts for 30 days prior to Black Friday and on Black Friday itself.

Of the 100 accounts we analysed prior to Black Friday we discovered the following product visibility funnel. Of all the products added via a Google Shopping Feed, 91% were active and eligible to show in Google Shopping campaigns. However, of all the active products, only 54% received impressions during this 30-day period. Of those products that received impressions, only 11% received clicks and of those that received clicks, only 7% generated conversions. This is a startling drop off, especially if you look at this another way; of all the products added to the feed, conversions are generated by just 0.41% of them.

Black Friday presented us with the perfect opportunity to understand whether increasing budgets would increase product visibility. However, of the 100 accounts were tracking, not all increased their budgets on Black Friday. To make this a fair test, we only compared the impact of increasing budget on the accounts that increased budget and discounted the other accounts from the 30 study.

The average increase in budget for every account that did increase on Black Friday was 40%. However, this only resulted in a 6% increase in products getting impressions, followed by a 1% increase in products receiving clicks and a 1% increase in products that converted. So, despite a large increase in budget, product visibility did not increase by the same or even by a similar proportion.

There was one common difference amongst the accounts that achieved a higher uplift in more products receiving impressions, clicks and conversions on Black Friday. These accounts created more Google Shopping campaigns for Black Friday rather than just increasing budgets within existing campaigns. These new campaigns were made up of many different structures, the point being is that they opened their product visibility by creating a more robust campaign structure.

Product Visibility

Google Shopping Structure Tips

Below are 10 ways in which you can structure your Google Shopping campaigns, you can choose one work with one or mix and match. Make sure you utilise campaign priorities effectively and we recommend always having one All Product campaigns with low bids, running on a low campaign priority.

We also recommend splitting out your Product IDs within each Ad Group so you can apply granular level bids or exclusions.

  • Google Product Category
  • Product Type
  • Brand
  • Price (Utilise Custom Labels)
  • Margin (Utilise Custom Labels)
  • Best Selling (Utilise Custom Labels)
  • Gender (Utilise Custom Labels)
  • Size (Utilise Custom Labels)
  • New Products (Utilise Custom Labels)
  • Stock (Utilise Custom Labels & Custom Development)

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